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Postural Yoga Assessment & Personalized Plan

Get to know your practice on an even deeper level

One-on-One assessment looking at posture, range of motion, muscle strength, and balance. Ending with a personalized plan to address any imbalance found, to reach your specific goals and promote optimal well-being. Review your posture in detail and experiment with various yoga postures, muscle-strength and flexibility tests to explore any movement, discomfort, or postural imbalances.

What each session looks like:

Session 1

  • Complete Postural Yoga Assessment Intake Form prior to meeting with Torrey

  • One-on-one sessions taking a detailed review of your posture; looking at balance, range of motion, muscle strength and movement patterns.

  • Explore any discomfort or postural imbalances found.

  • Review your specific goals (reason for assessment).

    • Pain or discomfort

    • Recovery from an injury

    • Movement or balance issues

    • Physical limitations

Session 2

  • Learn your Personalized Functional Yoga Plan designed to address any imbalances found during the assessment, to help you reach your specific goals and promote optimal well-being. Personalized Functional Yoga Plan may include:

    • Yoga poses

    • Functional movements

    • Somatic exercises

    • Breathwork

    • Strengthening exercises

  • Make any necessary tweaks to plan and answer any questions

  • Leave with your written plan to practice at your convenience


FREE 15 minute phone consultation to see if Torrey is a good fit for you.

Sessions can be done remotely in the comfort of your home (through Zoom)!

$150 - 2 Sessions (75 minutes each)

  • Session 1 - Postural Assessment

  • Session 2 - Learn your Personalized Plan

Have questions?

Contact Torrey

to book a session or if you have any questions!

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