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Radiant resilience

Finding ease in body, mind & spirit

Welcome to Radiant Resilience!

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Torrey brings you the tools to live your fullest life and become the best possible version of yourself.


Yoga for healthy, active aging while maintaining and building functional movement, improving posture, and gaining strength, balance and flexibility.

Get a Personalized Plan and Postural Assessment to achieve your specific goals.

Release chronic tension, stress and trauma with Trauma Release Yoga (TRE).


Remove the limitations of past events and traumas in your life using Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). 

Do you have special requirements in your yoga practice?

One-on-one sessions allow you to experience a personalized yoga practice that focuses on your needs and goals. Ease into yoga with more attention on exactly what your body requires for optimal health, including proper alignment, clear intentions, and safe posture guidance. If you need modifications, special attention on certain areas, or focus on goals for emotional and physical wellness, you would benefit from private lessons!

Meet Torrey


My life purpose, as a Yoga Instructor and Functional Movement Specialist with over 19 years of experience, is to help my clients towards  positive change and create more ease within the  body, mind and spirit.

Become a Member...

and access the entire On Demand Video Library !

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  • Better Balance & Fall Prevention

  • Somatics/Fascia Release

  • Chair Yoga

  • Better Posture Series

  • Breathwork & Guided Meditations

  • Wall Yoga

  • Yoga Sculpt

  • Yoga 101 - The Basics

What's included:

  • Monthly Live, Online Class for Members Only (with access to the recording for a week after)

  • New videos every month

  • Easy Payment Options (join or cancel any time)

  • Access to the entire library of Radiant Videos to deepen your practice and work towards better health at your own pace.

  • Videos included are:

See what people say about working with Torrey:

"I can’t remember if I appropriately thanked you for my session with you.  I hope I did because it has brought on big changes in my life.  I am far more focused and feel one big chunk of whatever it was is dissolved.  You are extremely good at what you do.  You zero in on the very point and bring it into focus so it can be zapped.  Sharing with another human I trust is such a relief.  I don’t have to hold the secret anymore and I can let it fly like a butterfly or a birthday balloon into the clouds.  I can be grateful for my blessings without feeling myself a traitor to the past or present.  Words cannot express the gift of you.


Only a self-actualized, adult human with pure intent, and a golden heart could possibly do a delicate surgery such as

you do without injury or judgment.  You demonstrate what we each seek; to love without judgement, to be helpful,

give others hope and purpose.  Know your wondrous worth.  


Love and forever thanks."
K.H.  (Tucson, AZ)


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